Pilates For Runners


Most runners train by, well, running! However, doing only the same workout, such as running, every day, will cause weak muscles to become weaker and strong muscles to become stronger.

What are the benefits of Pilates for runners?

There are many benefits of Pilates for runners since the fundamentals focus on balance, mobility and breathing, while strengthening the core muscles that support running.

Posture is one of the most influential factors in a runner's gait. Pilates helps you identify areas of weakness that can inhibit running posture and learn muscular cues to help fire the muscles surrounding spine, ribs and hips in such a way to maintain better posture through the gait cycle.

Introducing Pilates into your training schedule will add balance, strength, flexibility and focus. Pilates will build your body from the core outwards into a much more efficient running machine!

For both injured and non-injured runners, Pilates presents a functional workout routine that incorporates many components of physical therapy and strengthening and directly impacts running form and strength.

One of the differences that set Pilates apart from other rehabilitative regimens for injured runners is that it supports and strengthens the whole body instead of just the injured part. Pilates encourages proper movement patterns, which prevent against future injuries. For injured runners or athletes, Pilates has the potential to aid in recovery. In fact, physical therapists often use Pilates during rehabilitation sessions. You can use Pilates to improve balance, mobility and stability throughout the body to create a proper foundation from which to generate running movements.

The Pilates Studio Bude

Thursdays 12.30pm - 2.00pm
(12th January, 19th January, 26th January, 2nd February)

Fridays 6.00pm - 7.30pm
(13th January, 20th January, 27th January, 3rd February)

£40 per person, maximum of 10 per group, booking is essential.

• Pilates repertoire to Strengthen the core and improve flexibility
• Running Posture
• Technique Drills
• Injury prevention
• Injury rehabilitation
• Nutrition

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